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Workshop Carpenter Pencils

Our high quality carpenter pencils are USA made.  Many different options to choose from including built in ruler, camo designs, funny sayings and even red lead.

To purchase directly online, please visit our retail store at or contact us at (908) 486-1004.

Neon Green Carpenter Pencils with Ruler.

Neon Green Carpenter Pencil 

Pink Single Carpenter Pencil on angle wi

Neon Pink Carpenter Pencil 

Novelty Carpenter Pencils.jpg

Funny Saying Carpenter Pencils 

Multi Cam Stack.jpg

MulitCam Camo Carpenter Pencils 

White Carpenter Pencils with Ruler.jpg

White Carpenter Pencil 

White Red Lead Carpenter Pencils with Ru

White Carpenter Pencil Red Lead 

OCP Stack.jpg

OCP Camo Carpenter Pencils 

Woodland Stack.jpg

Woodland Camo Carpenter Pencils 

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