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Foldzflat® Patented Folding Pen

The patented USA Made FoldzFlat® pen has been described as a "mini billboard for advertising", "an addictive, useful gadget you can't put down" and "a fun item for children of all ages".  It folds into a flat, credit card size item you can fit into a pocket, wallet or envelope.  When snapped into a pen, it is a ergonomic pen that is remarkable comfortable to hold.

Enjoy our two Foldzflat® videos below which highlight its use for promotions and for retail.

To learn more about the Foldzflat® for your promotion and retail store, please complete the

contact us form or call us at (908) 486-1004.

Promotional Video
Foldzflat Promo
Watch Now
Retail Video
Foldzflat Retail
Watch Now
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