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About Us

Pen Company of America is the only US manufacturer whose entire line of pens and markers are USA made.  As fourth generation pen makers, the Shea family knows a thing or two about making writing instruments.  Along with the 65+ dedicated employees who keep the factory running 24 hours a day 6 days a week, PCA is proud to continue its long tradition of quality craftsmanship and innovative products.

Our Vision


At PCA our primary vision is to continue to manufacture high quality products right here in the USA.  We put American pride into every product that leaves our factory whether it be for a small business purchasing giveaway pens or a Fortune 100 company with a comprehensive branding strategy.  With the help of modern equipment, a committed workforce, and an eye for new ideas, we continue to successfully compete against imported products.  Products such as our patented RevMark® marker line and Foldzflat® pen keep us on the cutting edge of new concepts in writing instruments.

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, Community through Diversity, and Environmental Consciousness. Our company statements in each of the three categories can be found below along with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We are proud of our roots.  We are proud of our employees' dedication that has kept us producing product for over 60 years.  We are proud to be uniquely American in the ballpoint pen and marker manufacturing industry.

Our Story


The Shea family began in the writing instrument industry in 1928 making fountain pen nibs in New York City.  With the introduction of the ballpoint refill in the 1950's, Rotary Pen was founded in Jersey City, NJ where it began injection molding plastic components to house the writing cartridge.  In the 1970's through a partnership with the National Industries for the Blind, Rotary Pen assisted in the development of a program that would employ hundreds of blind workers who assembled pens for the US government.

When almost every other pen manufacturer moved off-shore during the 1990's and early 2000's, Rotary Pen remained dedicated to its roots of US manufacturing.  Pen Company of America purchased Rotary Pen in 2011 as it saw a resurgence of customers who demanded USA made product.  The fourth generation Shea family continues to run operations daily out of its 39,000 sq. ft. New Jersey factory.  

With more than 50's years of history, 650,000+ pens manufactured weekly, two new patented products and a passion to continue to provide quality USA made products, Pen Company of America is the largest manufacture of true USA made ballpoint pens and markers in the country.

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