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RevMark® Industrial Markers

Developed by a contractor, the RevMark® marker has a patented reverse clip "holster cap" that attaches to your belt or slides into your pocket.  With one hand you can un-cap the marker, make your make, and re-cap the marker right at your side.  It is manufactured in the USA.  Take a moment to watch our short RevMark®.  Once you see it, you'll understand why it is the preferred marker of contractors, construction workers, warehouse employees, union workers and tradespeople.

RevMark® is available as a retail item (inline, clip strip and counter display options available) or as a promotional/marketing product.  If you are interested, please complete the contact us form or call us at (908) 486-1004.

Fine Point Industrial

Industrial tip.  Holds up to rough surfaces.  Smear and fade resistant premium ink.  72 hour cap-off life.

White Ink

Premium white ink.  Better than a paint marker.  Consistent ink lay down.  No shaking required.  No clogging tip.

Ultra Fine Tip

Perfect for precision marking.  Smear and fade resistant premium ink.  48 hour cap-off.

RevMark® Video
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